Saturday, September 02, 2006

Computer Lab.

Why Computer Lab? Because my electricity in the apartment is out.

Indeed, the electricity in all the house that my apartment is in is out.

Add to this a landlord who is not at home, and not answering his phone, and you have one irked Ed who would like to pass some time on this Saturday afternoon but cannot use his computer or watch TV or read without getting a headache or go for a walk; the last having less to do with the electricity than the fact that it's raining heavily. Which may, in fact, be tied into the lack of electricity, but what do I know? Answer: nothing! I don't know what's going on, except the fact that I am unduley irked and incredebly bored. And hungry, lacking the wherewithal to build a fire out of twigs and branches, I am unable to cook.

And the day started so well, too! I can all but taste the job at Border's, waiting only on a few reference checks. And I got to swing by Trader Joe's, which makes me happier than a mere grocery store probably should. And the bus ride home, though longer than it should have been, took us through narrow one-way streets in a big-ass bus so as to avoid sections of the main road cordoned off by police for reasons unknown. It was an exciting time, and then... plugh. No power. left to my own devices for entertainment, and I'm a boring person.

And now, computer lab. With people in it, the school year having started. With no game playing allowed. A place of no joy, where I came soley to update, which I shall leave forthwith.


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