Thursday, August 31, 2006

Am I free to talk now?

Yes? Is cool? Trollmo seems to have gone by the wayside, whether he is scared off or supremely confident I will leave to the fluctuations of my little ego. So, I guess I'm free to talk about whatever I want now.

And by gods, such a freedom it is! I want to pitchblende, I can. I want to moon over girls, that's my perogative. I want to write a short story about a robot, I've got the right! I want to spill someone's dirty little secret for all the world (or such portions of it read this site) to see, then I... won't, because I'm a good person, and don't do things like that, but the option is there. I could do all this and more, because, dammit, I'm an entertainer, not The Entertainer (Billy Joel version; great song but a rather dreary account of a musician who IS a slave to his audience, selling out his soul to maintain his lifestyle)! I can do whatever the hell I want! And right now I want... I want...

... I want to watch Season 1 of Deep Space Nine and eat ice cream. Thus, my will be done. G'night, all.


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