Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It takes two to tango!

Now, most of you would be content to let sleeping aphorisms lie, but not me! Oh, call me a heartless pedant, or a soulless nit-picker, or a big ol' jerkface even, but it takes more than two to tango!

The tango, I am given to understand, is a dance, and like all dances, it relies on its participants having some semblance of rhythm. They will be dancing to a beat, you see, and this beat isn't coming from nowhere! There must be at least a third in the room, activating the percussion in some form or another. Furthermore, if my understanding of music is accurate, this percussolater will be operating at the behest of a conductor or band leader, who will be simultaneously controlling up to several other music-players. These people are usually not self-sufficient entities either, but working for some sort of nightclub or off-Broadway show that desires tangos be performed for the entertainment of the masses or to encourage patrons to purchase overpriced liquor.

It is, of course, possible for two unaccompanied humans to tango with only the assistance of a mechanical music player; one could say that only two are there tangoing, if you're willing to completely deny the part the player plays. This will appeal to those of a certain bio-superior bent, but it will be political suicide to publicly admit such a viewpoint once automatons get the vote.

It's decided, the aphorism will be reworked as follows: "It takes an indeterminate number of participants, either organic, mechanical, photonic, or silicacious, that is greater than two to tango."


Blogger Amber said...

...or you could just count off before you start dancing, and they could dance completely unaccompanied. I've done that

8/24/2006 2:53 AM  

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