Friday, August 25, 2006

All right, let's get this thing over with.

Amber's showing up later today, and after that I'll be in no mood to write things, so I'll take care of the day's necessary blaughing now. Man, if I were clever, I'd write a whole weekend's worth of posts now, and have 'em postdated and set to publish themselves so that I could concentrate on celebrating good times. I mean, they probably couldn't be all that convincing ("today, Amber and I did things. Oh, the things we did! Ha hah... good times. Good times in doing things"), but I don't recall making any sort of redonkolous pact to write something convincing every day. No! The watchword here is not quality, it's quantity!

And qomedy, that's important too, I guess. But that's more of an 'if I can find the time to care' sort of thing.


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