Thursday, March 10, 2005

Sex Jeopardy!

My R.A. friend, Courtney, has to put forth a certain number of events 'n' programs per semester, and at least one must be education-oriented. Thus, Sex Jeopardy! A method of making learning about STDs slightly less not fun! Yippee! Eh. Well, it was fun, Jose, the Twins, and I were on a team dubbed ICBM (a very clever acronym that I'll explain to you if you're very good. Or very bad, a heh heh. See what I did there, I turned a little bit of condescending head patting into a double entendre. I'm a classy little perv.), and we were up against some four other teams of various people of varying levels of promiscuity. You must remember, though, that ICBM consisted, er, entirely of big fat nerds. Not exactly the type of people liable to win Sex Jeopardy, if you catch my drift. But we one! I mean won! In spite of Meg's declaring an arbitrary double jeopardy round to try and beat us, we still beat them over the head with a winning stick. We got prizes! I don't know what, yet, I'm not sure what the ideal Sex Jeopardy prize would be, but still. Whatever it is, it's going to be awesome! Because it means we know more about sex that people who actually, you know, have sex with people! Woo! I! C! B! M!


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