Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh, man.

Let things get a little behind, and then you have to start catching up on your essays in a most unpleasant way that you aren't especially looking forward to, mainly because it's too darn hot to type in your room, so you're going to have to hope that the heat ins't on in the computer labs tonight, because as it stands, it seems the game plan is going to be writing the essay, or at least a significant portion thereof, there tonight, rather than suffer through this unseasonable hell that (so sayeth the weather report) will only grow more unseasonable and hellish tomorrow, which means there's no point in procrastination because typing tomorrow will only be more hot, and even though I know for a fact that I'll have enough time, I also know that the labs will be full and no place that I would want to be.

Man, I just typed a hunnerd-and-fifty word sentance in about a minute; I am so not worried about this essay now.


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