Tuesday, October 10, 2006


No more tomorrow! Or, today! As I remain compu-lab bound, the Internets at my home not working still. But tomorrow I need to have an essay printed out, so I'm going to be transferring documents via external memory ANYWAY.

That being said, today has been pleasant, productive, and entirely uninteresting. I DID get my hat back from that traitorous waitress at the diner who's been hoarding it for two weeks, So I got that going for me, I guess. And I did some manly set construction for the play, so I can swagger if I feel like it; I'm justified in doing so by having used a bandsaw and not died in the process. Nor did I lose any fingers that I will particularly miss. Defenitely swagger-worthy.

... but not grand conversation. So I'll bid y'all adieu.


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