Monday, October 09, 2006

Labbin' it!

Man, if you are listening to your crappy R&B on headphones, then I should not be able to hear it clearly from the complete opposite end of the room. Either you are listening to your crappy R&B at a volume that is going to kill you, hopefully sooner rather than later, or you are purposefully playing your crappy R&B at a volume so that everybody in the room can hear you, because you are an inconsiderate bitch.

So yeah, I'm in the computer lab. And there is a... I will say 'creature', there is a creature listening to crappy R&B that I can hear very clearly. Also she is singing along to it, and when a gentleman asked her to quiet it down, she refused. To her credit, he asked in a profoundly dickish way, but still... grr. Sometimes people irk me so.

Anyway, I wrote a short story that I was intending to share with you lot today. It needs some work still, but I was opening it to public opinion... however, with no Internet access (as I haven't any Internet access today), it proved more difficult than it would be worth, so it will be postponed to tomorrow. However! I will provide hints:

  1. The story concerns zombies!
  2. The story is a LOVE story!
  3. The story is told in the first person... kind of!

That's all! More tomorrow!


Blogger Ford Dent said...

The only thing better than regular lovin' is zombie lovin'.

10/10/2006 8:59 AM  

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