Saturday, October 14, 2006


Words, words, words!

Okay, words are my thing. Words are my bread and butter. Words are what I DO, and what I do pretty darn well, I think. So why can't I USE them? Like, in real life? Like, in an actual situation of actual merit where using them will actually affect anything?

Forgive me, you are getting grumpy Ed today. But I just spent ten minutes stammering and mumbling and apologizing profusely, trying to get twenty damn words out. "Man, that's set me on edge in a weird wary; I need some time to think \some things over, okay?" Twenty words, written out perfectly well on the computer screen, but trying to say them to a person's face has proven... well, difficult, actually.

And yet, that's difficult as an alternative to impossible. Yeah, I sounded like an idiot, but I sounded like an idiot saying what it was I wanted to say, after a fashion. Come to think of it, maybe grumpy Ed doesn't belong here at all.


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