Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It might not suck.

The trailer for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie has been posted on And it might not be completely terrible after all, though don't much care for the little white bobblehead I assume to be Marvin. I always pictured Marvin in my head to look a tad more like JC-65, actually, but with red triangles, point down, for eyes and a frownier looking jaw thing. I did not imagine him to be waist-high and gleaming white, he should have a much duller finish. Hmm... I'll have to wait until I hear the voice to pass judgement. I'm not entirely sure how that little robot will look crying out about depression. Other than that, things look nice. The single visible head of Zaphod Beeblebrox is far, far superior to a dummy like on the TV show, though it deviates from the source. You know, in my opinion, there's not enough good animated sci-fi, and I don't know why not. It would be so much simpler to account for things like that! Futurama pulled off two heads on a body, and did it just great! Anime pulls off a lot of stuff that's otherwise impossible. So why no mainstream animated sci-fi? The animation costs will certainly be offset by the lack of special effects. Something like Ringworld, which has fully half the main cast nothing like human, and takes place on nothing like a planet, could not cost nearly as much as one unit of Jar-Jar Binks. Are you listening, Hollywood? Are you? ARE YOU?

Post a comment if you are. It'd be sort of cool to have an entire city/industry listening to me.


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