Friday, February 11, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

Observe Ducky...

Isn't he adorable? Proof at last that love transcends species, genus, family, order, and class. But don't you dare go canoodling outside order chordata, or Archie Bunker will go crazy. Hell, you should probably stick to subphylum vertebrata too. But anything down the line's fair game, isn't that right, hippo and tortoise? (Link compliments of my Affirmative Action Minority Friend)

Ah, Ducky, you ladies' man. And holiday celebration expert. And all-around cute little mascot. I'm so very fond of you. I needs to make some more holiday versions, though. There's now Halloween, Birthday, and V-day, yes? I think that's it. Not enough! I need to do more... also, a Ducky Gallery wouldn't be a bad idea... why don't I have that yet? What sort of fool am I? The foolish kind! I shall get cracking on that, forthwith! Forthwith, I say!


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