Sunday, February 06, 2005


I nearly forgot about this! Don't I feel like an idiot? Um. For what it's worth, it was a choreography day, so I did a lot of dancing, so I'm pretty tired. And sore-footed. And then I did laundry, so I'm in a boredom-induced exhaustion. And let's not forget all the drugs! All that sweet, sweet bottle candy, flowing through my veins like so many cars on the Interstate highway that IS my greater circulatory system, well, it might just gum up the works a little bit. Leaving me frazzled, unable to recall whether I'd posted, or not, if I had a website, or not, hell, if I even have an independent existence, or not. Turns out I do, I do, and I didn't, irrespectively, so, um, here I am. Updating. As I do. I hope you're enjoying it... I know they can't all be sink vomit epics, but every post has it's own certain charm, you know. I'm... I'm not really on drugs though. Sorry to disappoint. I know it seems that way, but that's just my awesome writing talent taking over.


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