Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dot qom?

So, there's a sale at on domain names. A buck off, not much of a deal, but at $8 for a year's worth of having my own name is not a bad deal. So, the deal ends pretty soon, although it's still just a dollar difference. But the probalo is, what to get? So many options! is, obviously, available. If it weren't, I'd be surprised, to say the least. So is, which is basically what I have now, only without the 'blogspot' bit. Both are fine, but not especially creative.

More interestingly, we've got, which will basically force the Internet, which is to say, the entirety of existance as we know it, to realize that 'frabtabulous' is once and forever my own personal word, and no one else is allowed to use it. No one! Ever! Or else I'll enact my eventual vengeance!

There's, which would also mark that word as my own, which it is, but I might feel obligated to put an explanation for the meanong of qomedy up on the sidebar, perhaps in leau of that claptrap about outrageous monkey gymnastics. Not that it's a lot of work for me, but I'm not sure which of the two are more memorable and fantastic. Qomedy, or frabtabulous; never in the history of all mankind has anyone ever had to make such a vital choice, ever, forever. Hmm...

What else is there...? There's a load of stuff that has nothing to do with anything, but is noetheless worthy for consideration. I just checked,, and of course,, and all are free for the taking. So is the fantastic, there's the porn-sounding or, both are available. How 'bout the completely random Want some more random?! Damn Handsome Dan Hansen would appreciate, Alek would not like The Pope would enjoy Speaking of the Pope, is there, and while we're talking about my products, is there. And then there's the very unlikely Decisions, decisions...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ed just to let you know hasn't been available for some time and won't be available for some time more. But thanks for the free plug. Get over there and sign up to our great offers though.

3/10/2006 7:00 AM  

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