Monday, January 31, 2005

A rigorous definition.

Frab·tab·u·lous Pronunciation
Etymology: Uncertain, possibly Olde Tyme English, from the Latin frabtabulius, or just plain made up.
  1. Having or lacking a certain quality or qualities.
    It was a frabtabulous day; all hail the frabtabulous qing of qomedy; burn in the frabtabulous fires of Hell, sir.
  2. A quality of or method of presenting amazery; amazery with a frabtabulous quality or presented with frabtabulousity.
    Hey, I didn't ask for no martigenic amazery, take it back to the chef and get frabtabulous-type.
  3. The nature or design that objects or ideas contained in or set upon one or more arrays often or seldom express or have.
    That is one frabtabulous array of ducks and gardening terms; your array of 'to grok' lacks a certain frabtabulousity.
  4. The domain name of some web site or another. Obscure, rare, possibly fictitious.
Frab·tab·u·lous·ly adv.
Frab·tab·u·lous·it·y n.
Frab·tab·u·lous·'d vb.
Frab·tab·u·lous·dot·com blog.


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