Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bye, Froggy.

Yep, Froggy is gone away. Ironically enough, on the very day when I received a token of appreciation for Ms. Nicole herself, a touch behind the actual V Day, which we all know honors those brave love soldiers who stormed the love beach at Lovemandy, to free Love France from Hateler's forces. Hateler, he's like Hitler, only with hate. Um, more hate.

Okay, that was kind of stupid, I'm sorry. But hey! Teddy bear! Cute one!

The picture ain't so hot, but there's a little bear that looks just like Nicole in bear form. Which is to say, wearing a hoodie and pale as death. Oh, and adorable to the extreme, of course. Also, there was candy in the package too. Eee! Happy, happy late Valentine's day to me. Beats two kinds of hell out of flowers, it does.

In other news, I'm feeling antsy, so I'm going to do some site restructuring on the morrow. Not a lot, Ducky ain't going anywhere, but I'm gonna add some stuff to the sidebar. A few more permanent links, in the vein of that OPP link below the archives, and some other little things. I'm putting an ad for in my school's playbill, so by early March, in theory, a few more people will come along. Thus, a little housekeeping. That, then, would be why I'm wearing a French maid's outfit.


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