Tuesday, December 07, 2004

And today, special guest post by Jose!

So, my computer is still out of commission, so I'm using Jose's to do my computer-based business. In return, I'm letting him post for me. So, here he is!

So yeah, this is Jose. You guys might know me better as AAMF or Hojx. Hope everyone is doing well this dreary evening. It's been pretty much raining all day. I usually like the rain, but it's December, and I really want to play in the snow. I don't think that's to much to ask, is it Snow Gods? You know, the guys who make sno...whatever. So, I started playing San Andreas more frequently, starting yesterday. For some sick and strange reason, I enjoy watching other people play San Andreas rather than play myself. Yes, you heard correctly ladies and gentleman, I am too lazy to play video games. But seriously, it is alot of fun to watch Ed or Alek (another minority, kind of) play. They get into all sorts of wacky adventures! Speaking of wacky, I'm not sure if Ed told you this or not the internet, but we have the greatest idea for a show. Ever. It's called "Wacky Neighbors". It's basically about two older russian gentleman, who live next to a college classroom for reasons, and they are always "picking on" this one college kid. They make him eat all sorts of pies. Pies that shouldn't be made. For example, wooden cross pie! One of the neighbors is the loud, zany type of wacky with a very exaggerated russian accent, while the other neighbor is the silent type of wacky, who either nods in approval or shakes his head in disapproval. Once it gets on ICTV, it will literally be the best thing on that station. So, yeah, in conclusion, San Andreas and Wacky Neighbors. Thank you the internet, and goodnight!


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