Sunday, November 21, 2004

It sucks to be me!

Accurate or no, that's the toe tapping opening to the funniest musical on Broadway right now, Avenue Q. Highly recommended. Go see it. Go. Now. RUN!

Any way, in addition to being really funny, it teaches us an important lesson. It's always better with puppets. It is! It really is! I don't know what it is, but puppets can get away with all sorts of stuff that wouldn't work were there hu-mon meat beasts in their place. It's odd. And funny. And between this and Team America: World Police I've seen puppets having sex twice in the past month, which is really a lot more than I expected. Really, I think I'm done, as far as puppet sex is concerned. Reached my limit. I'm good.

Oh, before I go drift off to the land of nod in the feathery embrace of my pillow hit the hay, I should let you all know that I will not have Internet access for Thanksgiving weekend due to being at my grandmother's. And Thanksgiving weekend starts Tuesday. But calm down! Rest assured, there will be updates! You people worry too much! Deep, calming breaths, alright?


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