Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hooray for pretty girls!

Happy Saturday!

Last night, if you couldn't tell, was Iona College's "Too Many Nights to Graduation" shindig; one of the two booze-friendly shindigs that Iona puts on every year (the other having a specific and much smaller number of nights to graduation in the title). And yes, I had a lovely time.

This surprised me, actually. I thought I was going to hate it: loud music, lots of people, it could have been an exercise in complete, hopeless awkwardness. But, instead, it was a good time. Now, maybe this is just because it was a most welcome reprieve from what had been, to that point, a pretty bad day, and maybe it was because I was not ten seconds in the room before a drunk girl started hitting on me, and maybe it's because I saw Dan for the first time in forever and a half, and almost certainly these are factors in my enjoyment of the experience, but ultimately, I think I have to come to the conclusion that I actually enjoy dance parties. Seriously. I am social.

I am social? What hell? I don't know when this happened. It certainly wasn't intentional. I didn't try to become someone comfortable in crowds. Hell, it's not something I would try to do. I don't even like dance parties... except it seems I do! Madness.


Anonymous AAMF said...

Who are you? WHO?!

10/21/2006 2:19 PM  
Anonymous Nicole said...

Blast from the past...

I know I could be considered marginally insane for doing this, but I ran across something recently that I had to share with you. Remember way back before you hated me I told you about this old Nintendo game I used to play that was like a board game and had shoes and an ice cream cone to represent the players and they got beamed up to each new level? No? Well, I did tell you about this once and you thought I was imagining it because I couldn't remember the name... Not only did I figure out the name, but I actually found the game hosted online. It is called Anticipation and can be found here:

See, I'm not crazy! Okay, I might be crazy, but at least I wasn't imagining this.

That's all I really wanted to say.

10/22/2006 9:23 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Nicole! Goodness, gracious, Nicole I don't hate you! I thought you hated me!

... and that game is really, really terrible!

10/23/2006 1:53 PM  
Anonymous Nicole said...

I never said it was a good game, just... memorable.

And I don't hate you either.

10/23/2006 4:08 PM  
Anonymous AAMF said...

I LOVE EVERYONE. Except you ::points:: You know who you are!

10/24/2006 2:18 PM  

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