Monday, September 11, 2006

You can't spell 'conspiracy' without 'irrational justification'.

So, it turns out that my memory difficulties aren't all that uncommon, and there is in fact an accepted medical reason for them: my being a man. Well... how 'bout that.

So, last night I spent talking to 9/11 conspiracy theorist. You know, a dude who thinks that the government purposefully demolished the World Trace Center for purposes of... well, for some purpose. Now, I could go on and on about the debate we had, with my arguing that, basically, no; but instead I'll just sum up the BIG complaint with what he was saying. Because I'm lazy, and don't feel like typing for an hour.

It's not giving the government so much credit that they'll organize a massive conspiracy of manipulation and subtlety with a thousand points of failure. It's not giving the government so little credit that they fail virtually every time they try to cover their tracks. It's not doing both of the above at the same time. It's not even completely disregarding Occam's Razor. It's this: claiming that getting all of one's information from newspapers and TV news programs without researching it is somehow inferior to getting all of one's information from anonymous or openly biased internet sources without researching it.

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Anonymous AAMF said...

I'm going to help! Here you go :

(21:48:19) Ed: See, the thing that really bugs me about such conspiracies is that they would abviously require SERIOUS planning and effort on the part of the conspirators, but the evidence is made out to be so blindingly obvious. How can someone reasonably give the government so much credit with one hand and so little with the other?

(21:49:28) KingoftheIndies: Seriously. It's like, if the goverment went to so much effort to delude a mass audience and had all of there facts straight, you wouldn't think that they would get to the one person who figured out there whole conspiracy before he can tell other people about it?!

(21:49:44) KingoftheIndies: The goverment cannot be both brilliant and retarded in the same matter!

(21:51:06) Ed: Exactly! Either it's so good that what evidence there is, is subtle and hard to come by; or they're so innifective that there can be no doubt about their misdeeds. NOT BOTH.

(21:53:45) KingoftheIndies: If the goverment were evil enough to kill thousands of civilians, wouldn't you logically think they would kill the ONE PERSON who could unravel there whole damn evil plan?

(21:53:47) KingoftheIndies: THINK PEOPLE!

(21:55:34) Ed: Right. Dude was trying to say that the flight 93 crash never happened, because witnesses saw people land the plane and escort 200 passengers into a NASA hangar, wherupon they here never heard from again.

(21:55:53) KingoftheIndies: Ok, I LITERALLY just did a spit take.

(21:56:08) Ed: I in turn ask: if the government's going to kill 200 people, why the hell let a handful of witnesses live?

(21:56:17) Ed: Yeah.


(21:57:14) KingoftheIndies: Like, what the hell?!

(21:57:26) Ed: I don't know, man. I just. Don't. Know.

(21:57:41) KingoftheIndies: That's just pure ignorance!

(21:57:59) Ed: I blame Loose Change.

(21:58:14) KingoftheIndies: Yeah, me too.

(21:59:14) KingoftheIndies: "Oh, a missile hit the Pentagon because the hole in the wall was too small and the windows did not shatter." Shit, I forgot when an object hits something, it leaves a hole shaped exactly how it's shaped, and windows are supposed to shatter on impact, right?

(21:59:54) Ed: Well, this IS the cartoon universe, right?

(22:00:14) KingoftheIndies: Yes! Yes it is!
(22:00:28) KingoftheIndies: Watch, I'm going to run through this wall and leave a Jose shaped hole!

(22:01:19) Ed: Hee hee! Totally realistic!

(22:01:31) KingoftheIndies: That's how things work!

(22:01:37) KingoftheIndies: THAT IS HOW PHYSICS WORK!

(22:01:57) Ed: Wait, NO IT ISN'T!

(22:02:09) KingoftheIndies: FUCK

(22:02:14) KingoftheIndies: There goes my theory!

(22:03:02) Ed: And remember, steel doesn't weaken as it gets hot. It has to hit the boiling point where it liquifies instantly.

(22:03:20) KingoftheIndies: Hahaha...yes, another GEM from Loose Change.

(22:03:28) KingoftheIndies: Steel doesn't warp or bend.

(22:04:01) Ed: Certainly not when heated to 75% of its melting point and put under extreme amounts of pressure.

(22:04:25) KingoftheIndies:'s indestructable right until the boiling point then POOF

(22:05:17) Ed: Its pretty amazing stuff, actually!

(22:05:31) KingoftheIndies: Seriously! Why isn't everything made of steel!

(22:06:04) Ed: Because the government is keeping us DOWN, man!

(22:06:12) KingoftheIndies: FUCKING GOVERMENT!

(22:07:31) Ed: GRR!

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