Thursday, August 03, 2006

Don't kill me!

Here's the thing about my new apartment, sometimes the Internet connection cuts out for a day or two. This might be tied into the heat, as it's very much that, but the point is, I had to hork on down to campus (after having just left campus) to type this post up, hence the after midnight-ness of it all. So, technically, I missed a day, and if you wish to ridicule me for it, you would be well within your rights, although I ask you to be gentle.

When I lived on campus, the Internet situation was much worse. For months at a time, the service would be choppy, to the point where I can't rightly tell you whether it worked more often than it didn't. It was very, very frustrating to be in the middle of a conversation on AIM or somesuch, only to be yelled at because the other party asked you a question that you simply did not receive because of the lousiness of the connection. I would get logged off AIM, but for so short a time that the other party didn't get informed; this happened amazingly often. And, of course, anything of any significant length that I downloaded would mis-download, or just stop unexpectedly. That's not even bringing up the significant outages of significant length that resulted in computer labs that, when they worked, were completely full. And the school forced everyone to have a wireless connection, which I think to be a damn fool idea, given that many people I know don't have or even need a laptop, and wireless connections I have always felt to be trouble, trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for pathetic signal strength in certain rooms of the dorm, while others were very strong, which is unfair to say the least, and easily rectified by letting people use a damned wire, especially since the hardware required for a wired Internet connection already exists in all the dorms, and the labs are hooked up to a wired connection, so why are students locked out of it?

Sometimes the administration baffles me. But that's beside the point, the point being this: I'd rather lose Internet access one day a month than one minute every half-hour.


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