Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Unordered list. Sigh.

Is it that time again? Already? Dammit.

Today I had digestive problems. I'm not going to go into further detail, for your benefit, bus suffice to say they prevented me from leaving the apartment for extended periods of time, and so I didn't get any laundry done. And then the day wasted away, and then mumble mumble, and now I don't even feel like living, to say nothing of posting. So let's keep the mood DOUR.

These are things I DON'T like.

  • I don't like that I'm not on speaking terms with anyone I knew in high school. Of course, I hated high school, but that's pretty much irrelevant... I was filling out a job application, and I realized that I could not list any personal references, as there is no one I've known for over five years that isn't part of my family.
  • I don't like green peppers, but they show up in lots of things, especially Chinese food.
  • I don't like Eets.
  • I don't like that the other anonymouses have not made themselves known besides, you know, actually commenting those couple of times. I mean, background characters are all well and good, but they need to be slightly fleshed out for believability. Hell, Frasier started out as a background character, and he ended up with his own spin-off!
  • I don't like no pie.
  • I don't like Benjamin Sisko, station commander on Deep Space Nine. Most people love him, but he grates on my like no other captain has. (I think the blame lies in the actor, Avery Brooks, who had the constant air of "I'm ACTING as HARD as I CAN!" about him. Even when he tones it down, though, he can be kind of an ass. Ah, well, Starfleet is a harsh mistress).
  • I don't like overusing unordered lists. Like any literary device, they benefit from being used scarcely, and abusing them does portray a certain lack of creativity on my part, forgivable only when I'm also throwing in excellent parallelism.

I'm done now. Again.


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