Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Out-of-my-Ass Analysis will be delayed...

... in order to discuss a far more serious threat to the sanctity of my sanity.

Who are you, Anonymous?

Seriously. I've been going over the recent posts, adding comments where appropriate, and there are a number by 'Anonymous'. I need to know who you are. This is important. I have a track record with people who comment on my blog, see, and the odds are better'n average that you'll end up playing a significant role in my life. I mean, I've nabbed my first girlfriend AND my Amber through this thing, so the way I see it, if you're a lady, that means I'm going to marry you, and if you're a dude, that means I'm gay. And if you're a hermaphrodite, I guess it means I'll have a hermaphrodite friend, which is sort of cool, I guess. Unusual, at any rate. I suppose, for all I know there are people who exclusively have hermaphroditic companions... IT IS NOT AN ISSUE I THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN.

And to make matters worse, the comments section to my last post implies at least two separate Anonymouses are at work here! The writing styles might be the same, but the times of post publishing don't hold up to heavy scrutiny... who writes two comments, an hour apart from each other? Who are you? Everybody reading this who I don't know is reading this, respond to this post! I don't need your life story here, but bless me with a name, at least! I beg of you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’m the first anonymous. First off, I’m a dude sorry to disappoint you there- and I don’t know you at all, I went to Iona a while back but I commuted and didn’t know anyone there, but im not a creepy Internet stalker I swear!. I found your blog cause I was cleaning out my old bag while back while at work and found an old issue of the Ionian, (I graduated from Iona a while few years ago) I was bored so I read thru it and saw the article about your sci-fi book and came on here to read the first chapter. I found your blog to be much funnier though. The qomedy section is hilarious. I also read thru some of the archives, and thought some of it was pretty entertaining. (except when you made fun of star trek novels—I used to think that some were actually pretty good.) I noticed you pretty much stopped posting though, so I threw my first comment up demanding an update and was surprised that you actually started posting again. Anyway that’s about it for me. I made the seinfeld comparison too, I didn’t realize that an anonymous post would freak you out, but I guess it makes sense. Not sure about the other anonymous though.

7/26/2006 11:06 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Huzzah! Hello Dudenonymous! I notice you did not leave me a name, but I forgive you. This round. Anyway, thank you! For reading and enjoying! And I hope you continue to read and enjoy. Also you actually read the Ionian? I did not know it was possible to BE that bored. Poor bastard.

7/26/2006 11:53 PM  

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