Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I return! My day off hath ended, and despite any of your fears, I will resume daily posting as usual. Because, you see, I now know that without structure and responsibility, life is, well, really, really great. Fortunately for you, I have self-loathing to counteract that.

I kid. Although I did like freedom from doing anything anybody wanted (which I decided included some of your more basic social graces; it's surprisingly nice not to hold the door open for other people), I do remember how that Octuple 'P' Promise is basically responsible for me keeping this site, which is directly responsible for me meeting some of my favorite people. Two of my favorite people. My favorite person, and another one who's probably way up there in the top ten, I don't know, I haven't updated the list in a while. I'll have to get on that. Regardless, updates shall continue as usual until the next time I break down, which hopefully, since I'm working on caring less about other people on a full-time basis, won't happen. Don't worry, I haven't completely delved into callowness... I'll still hold doors open for people, I'm just adding a healthy bit of apathy to my life. Care a little less, that's the big lesson I'm taking back from my day off.

The other lesson is, if you want someone to do something, asking them to do it proves a lot more effective then just... you know... wanting them to do it. Obvious... in... Retrospect!

Hmmm... what else did I learn? You know, I think something like that calls for my old friend the unordered list. Take it away, <ul>!

  • Dr. Pepper is delicious, but four cans may be overkill. I drank as much yesterday as I did the previous month, which was pleasant, but presented the very real possibility that I would end my day off more diabetic than when I started it. Two bags of dark chocolate M&Ms couldn't have helped either, but dammit, the Boba Fett bag was only available in peanut, and I wanted plain. So I got both.
  • Lots of people liked the pope. Now, I'm about as far from a Catholic as you can be without actually being the devil, but even I felt slightly blasphemous having a picnic not twenty yards away from a big outdoor mass in his honor. Also, I was eating a sandwich named after a Greek demigod. On the other hand, the Hercules: chicken cutlet with barbecue sauce and mozzarella. Mmmm...
  • The best way to find housing is, evidently, to know people who are looking for housing. Looks like I'm bunking with the Twins next year. Who foresees hijinks? Okay, now who foresees hi-jinx? Thought so.
  • Caricatures are in big demand 'round here. Gotta get in line early... the jerk before me was the last to get done. That cast a shadow of disappointment over the day. Oh, well. I made up for that disappointment with
  • Carpeting! My room is carpeted now! There's been a carpet in the hall for a week, and it's not dirty or smelly, so I claimed it as my own! Excellent, for me.
  • Conan O'Brian is great. Why do I not watch him more often? Sure, he's on late, but I felt adequately refreshed this morning, despite sleeping after Consey, and a three a.m. fire alarm.
  • Which reminds me, fire alarms at three in the morning are very annoying.
  • Seriously, they are. Grr.
  • Um... running out of things here...
  • My TV can turn itself on to wake me up. It's more effective than my clock, frankly.
  • Um.
  • I got a new shirt today.
  • I'm seriously out of things to say.
  • Could we stop?
  • Please?
  • Help!


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