Sunday, April 03, 2005


So, you know that one act play I've mentioned a few times recently? Today was the performance of that play.

My friends did not come and see it.

Okay, I am an understanding guy, and I fully recognise that others have lives that do not and should not revolve around me; that their own personal issues come first, and that on the grand scheme of things, I'm not that darn important, especially when it comes to a stupid little one-act I threw together. I am certainly not mad at those who did not attand, I am very understanding of their busyness, and I certainly would not have wanted them to drop everything on my account.



And I don't get the feeling that this week is going to improve anytime soon. I still have issues with the person that are far from resolved, and I'm slowly becoming aware that I will have to get a job, here, in the near future. And a home, though the Twins have taken charge with that. And there's school. And there's people. And there's life. And putting my problems in perspective won't help me. And the person I usually count on to cheer me up can't.

The best advice I've gotten in recent memory: It's okay to be sad sometimes. Just because I'm not on the verge of dying doesn't mean that my problems are any less real, my emotions any less valid.

... look at me, bringing emotion into it. Jesus, you'd think I was a person or something.


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