Saturday, January 15, 2005

Happy Birthplusaw forget it.

Well, It's Saturday! And, as promised, I robotted a review, as noted on the sidebar. I was a bit rusty, but I think I found my rhythm eventually. But now... well, I don't actually have to post today, but I feel like I'm cheating somehow if'n I don't. Odd how that works out. You get yourself a league of adoring fans, and somehow you feel like you owe them! Backwards, yes. In reality, you folks should be sending me checks full of money, or buying merchandise. Or even clicking on the Google adbar so's I make some dough. Or sending naked pictures, those are also good. That one doesn't apply to everyone, though. Okay, most people should avoid that, really. Yeah... I'm tired. It's well past bedtime. Goodnight, my pretties!


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