Saturday, January 08, 2005

Well, I'm about ready to go back.

Not that I don't like my room, here. It's nice enough. But Nicole's is so much nicer. Amongst other things, Nicole is often there.

Oh, yeah, we're making plans to get together again next week, possibly Wednesday. Hopefully, I can convince Mother to wake up at six a.m. and drag me up and to the station. Hopefully. If not, well, there's a world of public transportation I can take to get to the public transportation.

[Sigh]. This isn't good. Perhaps I was too woozy with blood loss to notice yesterday, or maybe I was still reeling from Wednesday, but I miss the lady. Seriously. Ow. I'm like a dog that's tasted blood; there's no taking it back now. Which brings me to my next point: I've started murdering people and eating them. No, wait, that doesn't seem right... what was it I was getting at? Something to do with something, someone, or somesuch. I don't know. Stop me before I get all lovey or, gods forbid, dovey on you people. Surely those of you who aren't socially retarded understand the basic mechanic of a relationship, so none of this is especially new or interesting. But me? This is all new and astonishing, crazy untapped emotions that I'm too, well, me to adequately quantify.

She intimidates the hell out of me, yet I can't stand being so far away. And I have no idea if anything that I'm saying makes any sense at all! Because like most of my thoughts, it certainly doesn't make any sense in my head! So why bother saying it? Well, certainly it has nothing to do with the fact that the one person to whom it is actually pertinent is the one most likely to read this. Well, second most likely, I think Ambs still reigns as my greatest groupie, even though she doesn't get any kisses whatsoever out of it. Which is crazy, because I can't imagine why else anyone would read this. But, such it is. Anyway. That's the end of my mooning for the time being. There's work to be done. The Internet ain't gonna run itself, you know!


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