Sunday, January 16, 2005


So, I made a thing. My Affirmative-Action Minority Friend Jose made a suggestion, and I ran with it and turned it into something good. So... go take a look, and enjoy. Enjoy, will you? And purchase! Purchase!

Ah, the Depository of Assorted Fabulousness, you sure are awesome. I love that stuff. I really aught to consider buying some of it, because it's great! Okay, maybe I'm just the most egocentric bastard in the entire world, but I think it's some pretty funny stuff, there. And so high-quality! Other people would be impressed with you, if you bought my products, and they would offer you fame and fortune and fu-... pleasant company. Trust me, you will be worshipped like unto a god in some societies if you show up wearing my stuff. Especially if you payed a lot for it. Or if you just gave me a lot of money, that'd work too.

P-please give me a lot of money? I don't want to have to get a job.


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