Saturday, June 19, 2004

What hath Shatner wrought?

Whoa! Ed's doing his happy dance! Now, I'm sure there's nothing you want to see less than a Trekkie shaking it like some sort of... space Polaroid picture, so I'll spare you the grotesque details, and skip straight to the links. See, today I stumbled across three articles on our friend, the Internet. Behold, insignificant percentage of the populace that might care about such things, the inevitable precursors to
Commercial spaceflight!

Woo! Okay, no one else cares. And the phaser is really just a wireless tazer, and the transporter would be more accurately called the 'method for instantly relaying the quantum state of one atom to another and that's probably a good thing', but we should all be excited about privatizing the space industry. If I've learned nothing else from a lifetime of reading science fiction, it's that hey, let's privatize the space industry! And if I've learned two things, the other would be to make sure your artificial intelligence is reliable before you put it in a robot that has the capacity to KILL PEOPLE! I mean, load it into a freakin' Roomba for testing purposes before you skip straight to ten-foot-tall knife monsters! Is that so hard?


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