Friday, June 18, 2004

Who knew Hollywood still made good movies?

Okay, kids. Take from your old Uncle Edsington; see The Terminal. Really, really good movie. No, really! There's a reason Tom Hanks is the most popular actor in the country, and it's... well, actually it's probably more 'Bosom Buddies' than anything else, but this one is good too. Very good. Sweet, funny, charming, all that schmaltzy stuff. Now, I don't cry at movies- all emotion was purged from my body ages ago- but even I got choked up at the end. That, friends, is why Tom Hanks is the greatest actor in the world.

I'm sure you're all familiar with the basic plot: Viktor Navorski, played by the world-renowned Tom Hanks, is forced to live in an airport when his country of origin undergoes a military coup while he is in transit to New York. Stanley Tucci, who is not nearly as universally beloved as Tom Hanks, plays the badass official Frank Dixon who's making poor Viktor's life a living Hell ck. But the joy of the move is watching Hanks- glorious, glorious Hanks- overcome the various obstacles that plague someone with no job, no money, no home, and who doesn't speak the language. And is trapped in a terminal. We've all been through it at one time or another, but Tom the Terrific manages to make it interesting. It's not an easy task, but He's good at what He does.

You know, kids, I was thinking, this movie is kind of like 'Cast Away', in a sense. I mean, we get Tom Hanks, the Emperor of Moviedom and all that it stands for, thrust into a unique and unpredictable scenario, and forced to figure out how He's to deal with it. Except, in this case, Wilson isn't so much a volleyball as he is a little Indian janitor. Whatever, the periphery all fades away when Ye Almighty Hanks is on screen.

Bottom line: see 'The Terminal', bask in the radiant glory that is T-m H-nks, and repent! For if thou hast seen of another lighthearted comedy, thine very soul is at peril! And the Tom will stomp upon thy back like unto it was a novelty giant piano, and He a thirteen-year-old boy who had become big! Verily, He will catch you if He can, send you down the road of perdition! He knows that thing you do whilst restless, be you in Seattle or even Philadelphia! Beware, for your torments will be Turner & Hooch... uh, I mean: in a league of their own!


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