Thursday, June 10, 2004

At last! Recognition!

We-he-hell, naysayers, saying your nays; I'm moving up in the world. Oh yes! This little site here, some people thought it would never fly. They thought we (I) would never succeed with whatever it was I (we [I]) was trying to do. Well who's laughing now! I am! Ha hah! Because this little site of mine, she is the number one hit on Google for the word frabtabulous. Oh, yes. Number one! Woo!

I know I feel proud. I practically own the word 'frabtabulous' now! Now, whenever someone says something is 'frabtabulous', think of me. Ed. Of course, it might me in my best interests to make up a definition for 'frabtabulous'. I'll get on that eventually. Man! What an honor, to be bestowed on a word that only exists because I misremembered the name of a Troy McClure movie.

Think! In a parallel universe, this could be my olde tyme array of contrabulous amazery. And then where would we be? Where would we be? Where. Would. We. Be?

Well? I asked you a question!


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