Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Right, this is mainly for the Mother-woman, who has been achin' to see what this Warhammer 40K nonsense is all about. So. Pictures being worth thousands of words, enjoy.

Yo. It's the battle for Macragge, with Space Marines guarding their crashed ship, and Tyranid approaching, hungry. That's right, the red guys are in this to eat the blue guys. In the grim future of the 41st millennium, there is only brunch.

And here is that bit of the battle which I haven't yet painted; it's primed, which is why it's not a sickly grey, but note how it doesn't have the level of pretty the picture above does.

And here? A direct comparison. Why not? I hope it gives an impression of the amount of entirely unnecessary work that gets put into this silly little hobby of mine.

Here, you'll see some ancient robots, who are intent on galactic biocide. Cute, ain't they? Yes, it's my Necron army, or a minuscule portion thereof. These are the dudes I didn't decide to excessively modify, actually, the rest are a little... altered.

As you can see here. A bunch of relatively normal robots give way to a cavalcade of embarrassing injuries. Capping things off, the most uncharacteristically agile Necron in the Universe. These are the analogues to zombies, they SHOULDN'T be leaping about. BUT THIS ONE IS.

... okay, that's enough. For now. Eventually, my clanky, stompy army will be complete, and then there will be more. Sorry in advance.


Blogger Aaron said...

Dude, the fully painted regular Necrons look fucking boss, even when shown INCREDIBLY MAGNIFIED.

You should be filled with a sense of pride, sir.

8/09/2007 7:48 AM  

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