Sunday, July 29, 2007


I taught today.

Now, to be fair, I taught a room full of people who already knew what I was teaching them forwards and backwards, and it was all in service of letting the woman in the back of the room tell me how bad I was at teaching. But that being said, I BASICALLY did the teacher thing. And, I think, and some of my fellow trainees think, and but for a few complaints my grader thinks, that I'm pretty okay at it. And it wasn't that hard. Hell, it was kind of enjoyable. Yesterday, I was was all "Omg, can I do this?", and today, I'm all "Omg, I can do this?", which just goes to show that word order is actually instrumental in determining the meaning of a sentence, so be careful and don't rush while you're reading.

Right, still feelin' tutory.


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