Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Spackle? She takes forever to dry. For-damn-ever. One hopes that this wall o'mine will be dry enough for a final layer by the time I return this evening.

For those not in the know: Unlike the myriad holes in my closet door, which were put there willfully with a fist, this hole in my wall was quite accidental. It seems that over the past year, every time I turned my computer chair towards the telly and leaned back to better soak in some of that good American opium, I was butting up against the wall just enough to make it mad. And then one day, Wally just couldn't take it anymore, and shattered, screaming his pain into the night with his final breath. True story.

Point is, now I have to Spackle up this hole (technically I am DAP brand Patching Plater-ing up this hole, but that doesn't roll off the tongue quite so eloquently), as it was steadily growing larger and more terrifying. And one hopes that it will be dry enough by the time I return tonight (which I don't know when that is 'cause I'll be city-bound with the Lady), that I can put on the final layer to make it all smooth. And then I hope it'll dry overnight, because I guarantee I won't remember not to lean back tomorrow.


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