Friday, July 13, 2007


It's one o'clock.

I have an interview at two o'clock.

I'm wearing the nicest shirt I own (a blue and red long-sleeved Polo number that belonged to a friend's ex), some reasonably nice khakis, and actual sneakers. I've brushed my hair and my teeth and trimmed the edges of my beard and am, on the whole, looking presentable.

I have printed out two writing samples, as requested. One was voted the best essay at Iona College during my penultimate semester, and the other is this ditty about vending machines, which is short and funny and family friendly.

I don't think I need anything else. Well, just my charm and grace and eagerness and other such intangibles.

I got nothing to lose, I got everything to gain, and I got NO MERCY.

... I can do this.

Addendum: I did it! Whether I did it WELL is something I'll find out in two weeks. Until then... interview at Games Workshop on Sunday! I am rich in interviews!


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