Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pressing words.

So man, I've been playing around with the new, semi-pro site I need to have up and running by the first of December. And let me tell you, WordPress is pretty darn fancy-awesome. Like, fancy-awesome to the max and then maybe even beyond the max, even though that's impossible. That's how awesome it is. Endlessly customizable while being insanely user-friendly; the sort of thing actual people who actually write actual code should actually hate, but probably couldn't, because it's just too damn awesome for words.

So, twenty points to Nicole for hooking me up with this business. That's right, TWENTY WHOLE POINTS. I need to check my tallies, but she might very well be winning right now after an influx like that. GET ON THE BALL, THE REST OF YOU!


Anonymous Nicole said...

Actually, in my experience, actual people who actually write actual code actually love it.

And, whoo hoo! Twenty points!

7/03/2007 3:04 PM  
Anonymous AAMF said...

I have known you the longest so I'm pretty sure I should be in the lead for tolerating your crap for the longest amount of time.


7/03/2007 4:38 PM  

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