Saturday, June 30, 2007

Red Wharf.

... the third season of Red Dwarf kind of sucks.

This hurts, because the first two were fantastic! Full of the pith and vitriol and the real sense of people in an amazing science fiction world where anything is possible pissing it away with soap operas and complaining. It was beautiful and wonderful and fantastic because of that.

Season three, though... not so much. In addition to throwing a newer and lamer character into the mix, recasting the computer (whose deadpan delivery was perfect), and seeming to dumb down the comedy, they're doing a lot more science-fictiony bits. Spaceships doing spacey stuff, creatures, time holes and the like. And... um... it's nineties-style special effect with a BBC budget. It looks like crap, really. Not even, like, "good effort" crap, like the original Star Trek was so brilliant at. Cardboard sets and Photoshop monsters I can deal with, but really crappy-ass greenscreening will stop me in my tracks every time.

I mean, it's the drop in writing that most saddens me, but the ugliness is what makes me not even want to watch anymore.


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