Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I gotta rethink this daily posting business.

So yeah, didn't post yesterday. Watching 'The Thing' in the park took me to about 11, and then there's the commute to consider... it wouldn't be so bad if it were still possible to post by phone but no, such a luxury has been stripped of me. Oy and aggravation.

The interview probably went well... she said I was much better than the other guy she'd seen already, and we spent a hefty chunk of time talking about 'Lost', which means she thought I was either so good she felt like chatting instead of grilling, or so terrible that talking about jobbiness would be a waste of both of our times, and what with her comment AND that modicum of self-esteem that I hold onto somehow, it would seem to me that the former is all the more likely.

And then I watched 'The Thing' with Mal. The original, mind you. It was fairly good... the sound quality was kind of suck and sitting on the grass for extended periods of time grows uncomfortable quickly, but I enjoyed myself all the same.

Today: hangin' with Paul, eatin' sandwiches, shootin' tanks.

Tomorrow: Dying Hard and more Mallory. Exciting!


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