Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Disturbing proposition.

Alright, shootin' this one off early in the day, 'cause I got a busy night planned. Going to see the Rob Zombie version of 'Halloween', which promises to be gritty and violent.

Speaking of which, I saw 'Hostel 2' last night with Mal. Quick review: OUCH. OUCH. OWIE OWIE OWIE OUCH. Ahem. But I had a loverly time all the same. The downside to this 'Mal' character: she has greatly increased my need for a job. Gotta get on that with a quickness, if I wish to shuttle back and forth to the city with any kind of regularity. I mean, I've got a nice level of monies in the bank, still, but it will be disappearing much quicker than I had planned. So, it's time to start considering the more immediate and less tasteful sort of employment.

... that's right. Retail and food service have officially become options. Shudder.


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