Sunday, July 08, 2007


Happy twinday, Twins! Twin time is here! Twin!

Yes, there were games played and good times had and some Miis created and blah blah blah cake. Good cake too, and brownies, and hamburgers, and a world full of delicious, delicious foodstuffs. Mmm, foodstuffs. And I guess, company? People who I... enjoy the presence of? Or summat? I dunno, whatever.

And... that's my life today. It's really nice seeing people I haven't seen in a while. The Twins, especially the long-absent Twin The Larger, Danielthon and Debothy today, the wee Jennalie yesterday, it makes the heart glad. Truly. Deeply.

In that spirit, I should probably lure Jersey Paul up sometime in the nearish future. That guy has plum disappeared! I, for one, fear that the JERSEY has overtaken him, and he has died in a most gruesome way. Lame, that.


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