Saturday, August 04, 2007

More than halfway through training!

Woo! Another pair of teachbacks done, and once again I feel like I have aced it. Except not so much a case of 'maybe sorta pretty much 90%' aced it, but rather 'whapow, ka-chow, king kang kong I am the king of tomorrow' aced it, which is rather more joyous if less sensible.

Also, I feel pretty bad about some of the other chaps in my training group. It's not that they are any of them hopeless cases, but they just don't seem to have the natural flair for the craft as I do. Also, some of them are obviously not preparing, and one of them was unprepared to the point where she did not just not know how to present the material properly, she actually didn't know how to do the problem she was assigned to present. THAT hurt to watch. And while I'm pretty smart (and I'm not bragging, I'm just saying this because it's true, and my test scores and grades will bear this out), I would hope that anyone intending to tutor others would be somewhere around the same level, or even higher, vis-a-vis the brainstuffs. And the preparation was easy, and even for the hard material, we had the answers and how to divine them given to us. Were I the trainer, I'd be having a shit-fit... but I am not, and I can only wait and see whether everyone improves (or I get my score report and am knocked down -several- pegs).


Anonymous Dad said...

Face it, Ed. You were born to get up in front of people and explain stuff. You're fearless in front of crowds (or at least apparently fearless, which amounts to the same thing), a quick study, and thoroughly likeable. The first of those is a rare gift, and even when it's given it's often wasted on jackasses.

That's why I sometimes have difficulty seeing you as a librarian. While I'm sure that you are also good at whispering information to people one at a time, I worry that it might be a waste of good charisma.

8/06/2007 6:18 AM  

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