Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Great to be crazy, eh?

I have no idea what I'm actually thinking. Next time someone tells you that's a comfortable way to live one's life, punch them in the face to death.

Miscommunication. I have ranted on this before... it happens, it sucks, and sometimes it screws up preset plans, which isn't such a bad thing except that I'm the sort of guy for whom deviations from plans, once set, lead to extreme nervousness. Extreme nervousness. So, yeah, that has happened. And I was in an off sort of mood anyway already, and now I'm... well, to be perfectly honest, I'm sort of feeling blank, as I wait for the contradictory impulses of my brain to settle down so that I can figure out what's really going on and what I'm simply neurotically forcing myself to -believe- is going on up there.

This might take a while.


Blogger Paul said...

Oh, I'm sorry. That sucks. =/

Perhaps a bowl of popcorn will help bring a little peace of mind? ^_^

8/01/2007 6:04 PM  

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