Sunday, August 05, 2007

Less car.

Yo, folks. Writin' this on the quick due to poor time-management skills. Had a fairly full day, as Jersey Paul was up, and Aaron came over, AND I spent a lot of time navigating the logistics of a car purchase, which has turned a little more complex than I'd like; there's going to be a whole lot of mailing of paperwork to and from Chicago. It's complicated, but ultimately makes $128 per month turn into $28 per month, which I happen to be totally cool with, even if it denies me a vehicle of my own for a bit longer.

This is a "few weeks" value of bit, though, which ain't gonna kill nobody.


Anonymous AAMF said...

::Camera zooms in and out frantically::

8/06/2007 9:53 AM  

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