Thursday, May 31, 2007

Too darn hot.

And I will officially be sick of the heat in five... four... three... two... NOW! Now, I am sick of the heat.

But, there's to be rain soon, which should cool things off, and some day I'll get that air conditioner, and before too long, it will be the dead of winter, and that is what gives me hope. My days have been relaxed, dear Internet, and that is a euphemism for 'dull'. It wouldn't be so bad were it the winter, and I could wile away excess hours beneath my bedclothes (ALLITERATION ROCKS!), but it is HOT, and that makes me both too lethargic to want to do stuff, and too uncomfortable to enjoy my lethargy. Now when night falls, the world becomes a livable place and interesting people begin to populate the Internet, and I am thus a happy camper, but it's during that long, hot stretch of afternoon... no one's around, nothing's on, and I'm not even hungry anymore... that's when life grows intolerable.

So, I'm taking my notebook to the always over-cooled Dunkin' Donuts, and seeing how long they'll let me sit there for the price of a medium coffee. Let's see if I can't bang out scene one of "The Tragedy of Lord Ferris and Rivnyatek".


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