Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cinematic subconcious.

I had a strangely cenematic dream last night. By which I don't mean I had a dream that was like a movie, but rather I had a dream that was like people in movies have.

For one thing, I can remember it perfectly well upon waking, which is crazy enough, and even many hours later, I remember it. For another, while the events didn't happen, nothing about them was actually impossible or even incredibly nonintutive... it was a completely contained and internally consistant narrative. Not too normal for me either, but I shall admit, not unheard of.

The real kicker is this: it was symbolic of and analagous to the problems I am experiencing in my waking life! Seriously! I would that I can give you the whole details, but it is a somewhat personal matter. Sufficing to say, though, I have been quarreling with a friend of mine; a seemingly minor issue that has sort of grown upon itself into a somewhat major problem, and as a result we are taking some time to not speak to each other. No one's fault, no lasting hard feelings, just some time to breathe and think, you know?

And then, there they were, in my dream, doing that which led to the quarrel (that being the sort of awkward sentance structure that makes me wish I could disclose more fully), but with a gleeful malevolence even though, obviously, it wasn't meant as such. And there was some context and some repercussion and whatnot, more bits that it would be boring to talk about in boring generalities, but yeah. I dreamed another (admittedly unlikely but subconciously relevant) angle on my personal problem, in a coherent and memorable narrative.

And then I jumped out of an exploding building in slow motion, or something like that.


Anonymous Jen said...

I have these kinds of dreams all the time. Weird stuff.

5/31/2007 12:52 PM  

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