Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I [heart] NY. I [stomach] AC.

Coming to you live (barely) from Atlantic City, today, via the hotel's uber-crappy Internet TV setup. The last time I was here, I managed to break my computer... so far, I've not repeated the error. Still, it's not a place for me; though I'm now legal to gamble and partake in the other approved debaucheries of the city, I can't very well debauch when I'm with family, and gambling is boring.

Seriously, it is. I put ten bucks into the 'Enchanted Unicorn' slot machine, worked my way up to thirty-something, and thenwittled my way down to zero over the next hour or so, and have pretty much decided I'm done with it. I have too good a grip on statistics to feel like I'm going to hit big, and while my sense of the narrative is overdeveloped, if I were to jackpot it would have been right away, or with my last penny (and I don't want to risk that last one). I'll go back for the free drinks; a free rum-and-coke is more than worth whatever I lose dropping a penny at a time into the aether. But beyond that... meh.

Also, the serving wenched have evidently retired their skimpy togas for sensible pantsuits, which is just Wrong.


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