Monday, May 14, 2007


In fifteen pages on the subject of 'Heart of Darkness' I managed to make reference to 'Things Fall Apart', Terry Pratchett's 'Small Gods', my grandmother, 'The Truman Show', and 'Call of Cthulhu'. Being an English major is awesome.

I also got a sixth ticket to my graduation ceremony (only five were guarenteed, the remainder were waitlisted), which means that Jose can attend too. This is exciting! Crazy, yes, but exciting. Tomorrow, I swing by the mailroom and see if they've neglected to pass anything on to my new address over the last year (I don't suspect they did, but there's no harm in finding out for suresies). Tomorrow night, bang out the last essay (only one week past due. I know, I know, but bear in mind that even if I didn't turn it in at all I couldn't fail this course). Wednesday, finish school. EEP! And yet, SQUEE!


Anonymous AAMF said...

Woo! This Jose person sure is a lucky person! I totally wish I was him! But I'm not!


5/15/2007 6:10 AM  
Anonymous Father said...

Things Fall Apart? Yeah, I knew the yam symbolism would come in handy for you some day!

The horror!

5/16/2007 3:07 PM  

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