Friday, May 11, 2007

Last one...

Last Shakespeare class, ever. Oh dear.

More interestingly (not that Shakespeare isn't INTERESTING, per se, it's just that it's not such a huge part of my life), today was my last visit to the school counceling center. Meaning that, for the time being, I am a dude without a therapist, just like you lot. I did it through the school, you see, and so when I no longer attend the school, I no longer benefit from its miscellanious programs, and so I am thrown out into the cold, dark world alone.

Well, I've got a referral, but practically speaking... cold, dark, alone, et cetera. Not the worst thing to happen to me by far, but a notable cloud over a day that was otherwise uneventful in that dynamic way that dudes hanging out can be uneventful... nachos, ice cream, PDA games, Williards and Tanks... good times all. But right now my mind is on my mind (especially considering I rather inadvertantly admitted today that I hear things that aren't theremore than I'd care to admit).

So, I've been shmaltzy enough for one week, I think. I'll leave it here, come back to it another time.


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