Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New hotness.

So, this Edison/zombie story is going well. Well, seems to be. I'm taking a different tactic here than I usually do. Now, what seems to work for me is to have a general idea of what I want to happen, and then just write from beginning to the end, editing as I go, and letting the story develop as it shall. It has the advantage of letting the details go off in strange new directions,leading to much unexpectedness and whimsy, but it takes me a long time to progress sometimes, as I get caught up on words and making things sound correct that I end up losing the proper flow of the narrative.

This story, however, I am not typing up; rather I am writing it out longhand in my notebook. I'm still letting the whimsy happen (indeed, turn of the century cyborgs?), but there can be no editing as-I-go, and thus no worrying over specific passages until the whole beast has been written. It is in the typing-up, then, that the worrying can happen, but at that point the story is done, and there's less of an issue of a single word irking me so much that the story as a whole suffers.

We shall see if it pays out, possibly as soon as tomorrow.


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Here I am and I am commenting on your blog.

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