Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Let's talk about writing!

Well, the Machine of Death anthology is closed. The lovely people in charge have received about 700 submissions, of which three are mine. Now, I like my submissions, I thought they were very awesome; one was a bit of a 'by the numbers' affair, good but I'd imagine one of hundreds of similarly dreary and depressing pieces. The other two though... one is both ridiculous and short, and so if the nice men in charge feel the book could benefit from a bit of funny it would be very easy to slip in. The other is about robots, and I'm willing to bet foldin' money that out of those 700 stories, not a lot are about robots. Really, I'm HOPING that mine is the only one about robots... that may be a bit much. But I am willing to believe that mine is the best one about robots. I will find out, in one month.

In other news, I'm writing about zombies and Thomas Edison. Whee!


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