Sunday, April 22, 2007

Like a DJ in a blender.

Indeterminite period of time turned out to be more indeterminite than I had expected. Hence, no update yesterday. I am ashamed, I am basheful, I am contrite, et cetera, et cetera all the way down to 'zealously sorry'.

Anyway, while trends are being bucked, I'm going to NOT be neurotic here, today. Likewise, I shall NOT be mooney, NOT ramble senselessly, and NOT complain about this essay I desprately don't feel like writing. As I said in that last post, I'm technically more sane now than I have been in the last... well, some period of time. Sure, sanity is famously a one-trick pony, and the rationality boat was rocked significantly yesterday and today, but damn it, I'm a right-thinking water-horse, and I'm going to act that way. And, I think, drink? I don't know, there's a tangled web of mixed metaphors there, sucking me in and blocking the exit.

Anyway... lemurs sure are cute. I been watching that 'Earth' series on the Discovery channel, and that's the conclusion I've reached. I hardly think I'm the first, but it bears mentioning. I'd also mention bears, but that's hardly worth a lemur.

YES, I'm in a silly mood. SO BE IT.


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